Guide: Community (or "local") match donor cycle

The community match donor cycle is a simplified fundraising model to help you secure larger gifts to power up your NewsMatch campaign. 

While growth in individual giving has been a central marker of success for the program, we also noticed something bigger was happening. NewsMatch also provides a way to secure large contributions from major donors, foundations, and small businesses in the form of community (or “local”) match funds.

Community (or “local” match funds) are donations or pledges that newsrooms secure on their own to increase the total amount of dollars matched by individuals during your NewsMatch campaign.

Guide: What it takes to secure a community match

The Cycle

We have created a modified version of the donor cultivation process outlined in the Annual Giving Guide that is part of INN's News Giving Roadmap. This process borrows from the steps and resources provided through this program to help members build their community match fund.

Step 1: Identify

Search for prospects and identify which have the ability and motivation to support your mission.

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Step 2: Cultivate

Deepen your relationship by learning more about your prospects and building a connection.

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Step 3: Ask

Offer a specific opportunity for a donor to contribute matching funds and make an impact.

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Step 4: Steward

Show appreciation by saying  thanks and demonstrating how their gift made a difference

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