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NewsMatch 101

Resources and information about how NewsMatch works

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Webinars & Exchanges

View upcoming and past webinar and information exchange events

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Digital Fundraising

Best practices and resources to run a digital fundraising campaign

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Local Matches

Trainings and tools to help secure additional match dollars

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Platforms & Systems

Tips and resources to improve your donor systems and processes

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Office Hours

Meet with campaign specialists and coaches

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Helpful guides to support your NewsMatch process

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All Explainers

List of all available NewsMatch resources

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Standards for participation and match funds

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How to participate in NewsMatch

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Technology & Platforms

Back end technologies and platforms that power NewsMatch

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Development practices and activties

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Process for submitting documentation and performance data

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Explanation of program and commonly used phrases

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Using this site

How to use this knowledge base

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About NewsMatch

How NewsMatch works

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