Info Exchange: Securing local matches (2020)

This webinar was recorded in preparation for a prior campaign year. As such, some of the information provided may be out of date.

Some organizations use their participation in NewsMatch to secure new additional matches from individuals donors, foundations, major donors, or businesses. Check out this article for more information on how “local matches” work.

NewsMatch program manager Courtney Hurtt and INN’s Jefferey Woolverton share simple action items you can take to help identify and solicit local funders.

We used this time to open the floor for you to share what has worked (or hasn’t) for your organization.

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Follow Up!

In this session, a question was asked if whether the additional matches or local matches we secure also be matched by NewsMatch. NewsMatch will match any additional match or local match that is made by an individual within the campaign period, Nov. 1 through Dec. 31. View the entire response to this question in the NewsMatch FAQ