How additional matches (local matches) work

You’ve probably heard us talk about how organizations have leveraged NewsMatch to secure“local matches." These additional match funds are donations or pledges that you, as a NewsMatch participant, secure on your own to increase the total amount of dollars matched by individuals during your NewsMatch campaign.

Additional match contributions can come from your board members, major donors, local businesses, and foundations interested in your work. These gifts are made outside of the formal NewsMatch structure to increase your pool of match funds of match ratio.

How additional matches work


Community News Media was confident that they would meet the total match cap of $11,500 before the NewsMatch campaign was over on December 31. Because of this, they asked a local business,  Smith’s Groceries, to pledge $10,000 so that more individual gifts could be matched during their year-end campaign. This $10,000 from Smith’s Groceries is considered additional match funds.

Community News Media used this $10,000 to increase their total match fund from $11,500 to $21,500  — allowing $11,500 of donations to be matched by NewsMatch and an additional $10,000 to be matched by Smith’s Groceries.

By December 31, they raised $40,000 in donations from individuals; $11,500 was matched by NewsMatch; $10,000 was matched by Smith’s Groceries; and $18,500 went unmatched.


The Jefferson Wire has been in conversation with Dr. John Smith, a major donor prospect who is passionate about their work. In preparation for NewsMatch, The Wire asked Dr. Smith if he would be willing to make a contribution to motivate other readers to donate. He agreed and will make a gift of $11,500.

The Wire is using this gift differently than how Community News Media did in the example above. They don’t think they’ll raise more than $11,500. in individual donations this year, so instead of using Dr. Smith’s additional match funds to increase the cap, they are using it to increase their match ratio.

For every dollar that an individual makes during their campaign, NewsMatch will match it with $1 and Dr. Smith will match it with another $1. This way, donors triple their support with every dollar they give.

By December 31, The Jefferson Wire raised $20,000 in individual donations; $11,500 was matched once by NewsMatch and once by Dr. Smith and $9,500 went unmatched.

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