Step 1: Identify potential community match funders

The community match donor cycle is a simplified fundraising model to help you secure larger gifts to power up your NewsMatch campaign with additional match funds. The information and resources below are powered by the Annual Giving Guide included in INN's News Giving Roadmap

This process begins with the identification phase. During this phase, you will search for prospects and identify which have the ability and motivation to support your mission.

Key Steps

  • Set your match goal. How much would you like to raise in matching funds?
  • Build your list. Which donors, sponsors, or supporters can help you reach this goal?
  • Do some research. Which supporters have already supporter your cause or one similar to the work you do?  How much might they be willing to give?
  • Prioritize your prospects. Which prospects are most likely to support you with the largest gifts? Which will you approach first?

What Your Newsroom Needs

  • An existing donor base to scan for prospects
  • Or existing relationships with a foundation or business that you can explore

Because this is generally a relationship-driven process (and not transactional), it would be hard to take this on if you didn’t already have existing relationships with potential supporters to scan.

If you're a startup, consider using NewsMatch as an opportunity to build your base to power next year’s campaign efforts

Related Resources

Range of gifts table

We covered how to map out your campaign goal using the NewsMatch range of gifts table template in this webinar on goal setting.

INN wealth screening services

Wealth Screening is a tool that helps you determine your donors' capacities to give by researching top indicators of wealth (previous giving, the value of real estate, business affiliations, etc.). INN uses DonorSearch and independent research to conduct wealth screenings.

DIY prospecting guide

How to find public information online about your donors.

Donor Search subscription

DonorSearch is a robust online prospect research tool that provides wealth and philanthropy screening services and analytics to uncover your best donors and prospects. INN members can qualify for a discounted annual subscription to Donor Search through the INN Network Philanthropy Center.

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