Step 3: Make the ask to contribute matching funds

The community match donor cycle is a simplified fundraising model to help you secure larger gifts to power up your NewsMatch campaign with additional match funds. The information and resources below are powered by the Annual Giving Guide included in INN's News Giving Roadmap

During the asking phase, you will offer a specific opportunity for a donor to contribute matching funds and make an impact. Believe it or not, you should actually spend the least of your time asking for support. It’s recommended by the time you ask, you have learned enough about the donor to have a good sense that the answer will be “yes.”

Key Step

  • Share your proposal. How much would you like them to contribute in matching dollars? And by when? By doing so, what impact will their gift have on the things they care most about?

Related Resources

'Making the Ask' strategy worksheet

This strategy sheet is a tool to help you achieve comfort and success with prospects by planning talking points to ask for the gift. Careful

Responding to funder objections

Tips on how to respond to a funder that has objections to your proposal.


We’re currently operating on an ambitious campaign to raise <amount> that would power our ability to <insert intended impact here>. By offering a matching gift, <funder name’s> contribution would be a catalyst to inspire more donors to support this work. Will you join us by pledging a matching gift of <amount> by <suggested deadline>? 

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