Step 4: Steward community match funders

The community match donor cycle is a simplified fundraising model to help you secure larger gifts to power up your NewsMatch campaign with additional match funds. The information and resources below are powered by the Annual Giving Guide included in INN's News Giving Roadmap

During the final stewardship phase, show appreciation by saying thanks and demonstrating how their gift made a difference.

Key Steps

  • Acknowledge. How would you like to show appreciation for their contribution as soon as they make the gift? And during the campaign itself?
  • Tell the story of their impact. How did their gift make an impact during your campaign? What type of work did their investment help you to achieve?
  • Stay connected. How can you continue to build a relationship with this supporter? What other things might they be interested in supporting in the future?

What Your Newsroom Needs

  • Donor documentation and records to craft a thoughtful "thank you" letter.
  • Time and support in writing and sending notes to donors.

Related Resources

Build a stewardship plan

A stewardship plan is a process that helps your organization build a long-term relationship and continue philanthropic support from donors.

Saying Thanks

Be sure to say thanks! INN has created a call guide to help show your gratitude to community match funders.

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