Webinar: The power of evergreen - Creating content and newsletters that live forever (2022)

This webinar was recorded in preparation for a prior campaign year. As such, some of the information provided may be out of date.

As news organizations, it’s easy to get stuck in the mindset that our content must always be new to be relevant and useful for readers. But chances are you could be creating content that could be useful for readers for months or years to come—and you may have some of that content already in your archive.

News Revenue Hub's Sam Munsey walks you through different kinds of evergreen content that you can make for your website and your email list that will provide you with traffic and engagement for the long haul.

Topics we covered

  • What evergreen content is
  • How to identify evergreen content
  • Tips + tools
  • How to use your evergreen content
  • Building a plan
  • Download slides →

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Recorded Date

June 13, 2022


Samantha Munsey, Project Manager (News Revenue