Tools & Resources: Improving your donor system

Having a functional donor system is a must-have to run a successful fundraising campaign. The resources below are available to you to help INN members improve their donor platform and systems.

Guide: Donation Systems & Pages

This guide will break down each of these various parts of a donor system and provides examples of some of the best practices we recommend following all year long.

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Donor platform comparison chart

Behind the scenes, the donor platform processes and tracks donations made to your organization. A good system will provide a seamless user experience for your supporters to make a contribution. Take a look at how commonly used donor platforms fare in this comparison guide.

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Webinar: Setting up your donor system and page (2021)

This webinar is a part of a suite of resources NewsMatch is providing to help you do just this. We will be launching technical consultation and web development services to adopt or improve your existing donor system and giving newsrooms more information on how to sign up during this session.

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