Do I have to submit a report if I am not receiving matching funds?

After the campaign has ended, NewsMatch asks all participating newsrooms and INN members (regardless of size) to complete the INN Index Survey to evaluate the program’s impact. This is a critical step and instrumental in engaging funders to support the program. It also alerts program staff and funders to challenges, needs, and opportunities in the field and informs the program strategy from year to year.

Newsrooms eligible and requesting to receive matching funds, partner funds, or bonus awards must submit NewsMatch Documentation as part of the INN Index. Once your Index survey has been submitted, the Miami Foundation will process your NewsMatch documentation and verify your payment amount.

If your organization is not receiving national matching funds because your operating budget is $1 million or greater, we ask that you complete the INN Index. You would only need to also complete the NewsMatch Documentation section if you are eligible and requesting to receive partner funds of bonus awards.