Why am I being asked to complete the INN Index to participate in NewsMatch?

The INN Index is the most comprehensive study of the state of nonprofit news. Index data is used by INN to create targeted programs, training and resources for our members, and to build a growing network of nonprofit news funders. Index reports are used each year by funders to track key impact areas and target organizations for support.

By asking all NewsMatch participants to complete this annual survey, we are able to measure the impact of NewsMatch which is an essential part of our fundraising case for support. It alerts program staff and funders to challenges, needs, and opportunities in the field and informs the program strategy from year to year. By requiring the completion of the INN Index, we are also minimizing redundancy in the questions we would include as part of the NewsMatch reporting process. 

For organizations not receiving a payout, it’s still important for your organization to complete the Index. This data informs the direction of all INN’s programs and services, not just NewsMatch. Without the perspective of our larger, national and global members, we won’t be able to craft the best programs and trainings for you, like INN's internship program, the GNI-INN Sponsorships Lab, Emerging Leaders program, DEI trainings and field-wide benchmarking. Index data is also used to educate funders about the power and importance of nonprofit news, many of whom go on to fuel our largest and most successful members.