What is FindYourNews.org?

In response to newsroom feedback, INN will be sunsetting the use of GiveGab to power NewsMatch.org and NewsForGood.org on January 7, 2022. These websites will be replaced with a public-facing discovery website that will allow visitors to find and connect with INN’s entire network of member organizations at FindYourNews.org.

INN’s investment in a new discovery site is all a part of our efforts to build awareness amongst funders and the public about the nonprofit news field. This new discovery site is designed to make it easier for members to showcase their organization and offer ways to connect with new audiences in ways that can prove beneficial beyond the NewsMatch campaign period.

INN’s new discovery site will not process donations. You will instead be able to provide a URL that will redirect visitors to an existing donation page. INN members will also be able to encourage visitors to connect with them on social media or subscribe to a newsletter.

INN will reference the publication information you provided as part of your NewsMatch application to build your profile page. You will be able to log in to the INN member portal to update the information that will appear on your organization’s FindYourNews.org profile starting October 1 prior to the campaign launch.

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