Webinar: How to Pivot — Boosting the second half of your campaign (2020)

This webinar was recorded in preparation for a prior campaign year. As such, some of the information provided may be out of date.
This year is all about the pivot, and this session focused on just that.
  • What should you do if you've reached your goal before December 31?
  • Maybe you've hit a plateau. How do you pivot your message to get a boost in donations? 
  • What should your game plan be for the final seven days of the campaign?
  • What if you're just now really getting started in December?
Daniel Sharp, crowdfunding consultant and previous outreach lead at Kickstarter, walked us through ways to pivot your campaign to raise as much money as possible during the second half of your NewsMatch campaign. 

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Date Recorded

November 18, 2020

  • Daniel Sharp, Campaign strategist
  • Courtney Hurtt, NewsMatch
  • Christina Shih, News Revenue Hub

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