FAQs: New Recurring Donor Boost (2022)

What is the New Recurring Donor Boost?

New recurring monthly donations are eligible to be matched at their 12-month value up to $1,000 per donor. For example, a donor who begins a $10 monthly gift started in November or December will yield a match of $120 ($10 × 12 months).

What is considered a new recurring monthly donation?

Someone who is making a recurring monthly gift to your organization for the very first time. Existing donors who have made a one-time gift in the past, but start a new recurring donation during the campaign qualify for this boost. 

Donors that increase their monthly gift during the campaign period will have the value of the increase matched for its full-year value up to $1,000. For example, an existing member who decides to increase their gift from $10 to $15 a month would produce a $5 increase in their monthly contribution. NewsMatch would match the base value of $10 of their donations made in November and December and an additional $60 ($5 x 12 months) of their increased amount.

Will you match monthly recurring donations that began before November 1?

No. In these cases, we will only match this donor’s contributions that are made within the campaign period — most likely, their monthly donations charged in November and December.

If a new donor sets up a quarterly gift between 11/1-12/31, will NewsMatch match the annual value of their gift?

No. NewsMatch will only match new monthly recurring gifts.

Is the News Recurring Donor Boost in addition to the match cap payout?

No, the New Recurring Donor Boost is not in addition to the match cap. When requesting donations to be matched (up to the $15k national match cap or your specific partner fund match cap), you can list new recurring donations at their annual value. For those members who have participated before, this boost works the same as in prior years (previously called the "New Member Bonus").

Which organizations are eligible for the News Recurring Donor Boost?

The New Recurring Donor Boost is only open to those newsrooms receiving national match funds or any organizations receiving partner funds.