How to update your profile is INN’s public-facing discovery website which allows visitors to find and connect with INN’s entire network of member organizations. Below are a few pointers for updating your profile and ensuring site visitors have the best possible user experience in discovering and learning about your organization.

Follow the instructions below to log into the INN member portal to update your profile on If you experience trouble accessing your organizational account, please contact

Video Instructions

Step 1

Go to the INN Member Portal at

Step 2

Important Step

This is usually the most confusing step. It is important that you log in as your organization and not with your personal user account to update your newsrooms profile. Please read the step below for further explanation.

Log in using your organization’s username and password. This will NOT be a personal email address.

  • Organization usernames are generally the name of your organization (without a space) and not a personal email address. If you are logging in with a personal email address, you are likely not logging into the organization account.
  • Your organization’s credentials are used to log into the INN member portal to pay member dues or update your organization’s profile on
  • Staff members looking to make these changes must log in as the organization and not an individual user or personal email address.

👌  Ok, got it. So where can I find my organization's username and password? Your organization’s credentials are created by the INN team and are only shared via email with members of your team. These credentials have been most recently sent to the INN member primary and NewsMatch primary contact at your organization on October 1, 2021. If you are not able to find your organization's credentials, please email our team at

Step 3

How to tell if you're in the right place to make changes at the organization level: You will know that you are logged in as your organization if the greeting on your page reads “Welcome [Organization Name].” If your greeting lists your personal name, you are in the wrong place. 

To update your organization’s profile, use the What would you like to do? dropdown menu in the upper right corner and select Update profile.

Profile Tips

For every organization:

Don't leave your tagline blank. We encourage every member to list a tagline. On, this is the short description of your organization that appears in the initial results. Beyond your publication name, it can give searchers a sense of what you do.

Fix links that don’t start with HTTP://. When listing your site URLs, please list the following URLs starting with HTTP:// — without this, they will not work. For example, listing will cause the link to break for visitors, but will redirect visitors properly.

For national organizations covering all 50 states

Don’t select all 50 states. Under Places Covered, do not select all 50 states by default. Only mark those states or regions in which your organization has reporters located on the ground (or, there's an active reporting partnership in place).

For organizations with multiple publications

List a clean display of Publication Names. Ensure you list the name of all of your publications under Primary Publication Name(s). This field controls the leading title name on your organization’s profile page. If your organization has multiple publications, please format them as you want them to display:

  •  i.e., “Bridge Detroit & Bridge Michigan” and not in a way that would be harder for readers to understand i.e. “Bridge Detroit, Michigan, (website)”

For national or regional organizations with distinct local bureaus or partnerships

Address, City & State: Please mark where your organization is headquartered in this case.

Geographic Reach: Please mark National or U.S. Region

Places Covered: Under Places Covered, only mark those states or regions in which your organization has local reporters located or an active reporting partnership