Webinar: What are your campaign goals? (2021)

This webinar was recorded in preparation for a prior campaign year. As such, some of the information provided may be out of date.
A fundraising plan is an essential component of any successful campaign. How much are you looking to raise? And from which types of donors? How can you look at past giving data to identify your targets?

In this session, we'll look to resources shared through INN's News Giving Roadmap on how to calculate your campaign goal using a range of gifts table.

Topics we covered

  • The four funding sources to drive your campaign (NewsMatch matching funds, local matches, small donations, and recurring donations)
  • Resources available in the News Giving Roadmap to build your fundraising plan
  • Using a range of gifts table to map out how you will reach your campaign goal
  • How to use wealth screening to build your prospect list

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Recorded Date

July 28, 2021

  • Courtney Hurtt, NewsMatch Program Manager at INN
  • Jeffrey Woolverton, INN Network Philanthropy Director
  • Emily Spranger, INN Network Philanthropy Prospect Researcher