Why did NewsMatch decide to change how it would distribute match funds?

While growth in individual giving has been a central marker of success for the program, we also noticed something bigger was happening. NewsMatch has also provided pathways for major donors, local and regional foundations, and small businesses to invest in independent news outlets in the form of local or additional match funds.

Local or additional matches are matching gifts that are awarded in addition to the funds given by national NewsMatch funders. Oftentimes, newsrooms leverage the national NewsMatch campaign model and messages to secure these gifts independently. In 2020, newsrooms secured nearly $3.1 million in additional local matches — more than double the amount from the year prior and nearly equivalent to match funds issued formally through NewsMatch.

A sustainable future for independent news will rely on increasing the number of people that support journalism as well as growing investments made by larger donors and local funders. NewsMatch’s collective fundraising model has seen success in building both.

In 2021, we are distributing national match dollars to have the greatest impact in the field while supporting all INN participating members with resources, knowledge, and messaging to optimize their year-end campaign and secure local match funds.

View the recording of our past webinar to learn more about why we made these changes.

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