Schedule a one-on-one 'Solution Session'

NewsMatch serves newsrooms with a range of experience with running fundraising campaigns. We asked earlier in the year what training you’d like more of. In response to your requests, we are providing one-on-one sessions with people who could help you think through a  specific problem or case.

'Solution Session' Rules

More than 260 organizations are participating in NewsMatch 2020. To ensure we can serve as many organizations as possible, we ask that you follow the session rules below:

  • State the goal of your session as clearly as possible. If you need to provide documentation, screenshots, or other information in advance, please send us an email. We will use this information to prepare a thoughtful response.
  • Arrive on time. One-on-one sessions are only 25-minutes. We want to maximize the time we have together.
  • Cancel or reschedule at least 24 hours in advance. No-shows or last-minute cancellations cause available time with a specialist to go unfilled. Out of consideration for other organizations that need assistance, please cancel or reschedule 24-hours in advance to allow the slot to be booked by someone else. No-shows will not be allowed to book another session.
  • If it’s helpful to you, invite another team member to join! When booking, you will have the option to include additional people by listing their email address.

Run into any problems? Send an email to

Book a time with Courtney Hurtt

I’m the program manager for NewsMatch. If you’re feeling overwhelmed about this year’s campaign and need help thinking through what to do next, book a time with me! I am an obsessed checklist-generator (maybe too obsessed?) and have experience thinking through campaign workflows. I’ve also got an eye for design and can provide feedback on your visual assets. All in all, I’d love to be a talking board for you to help define your next steps and a set clear path forward.

Topics I cover:
  • Managing your campaign (what to do when)
  • General NewsMatch FAQs

Book a time with Christina Shih

I lead NewsMatch trainings and work at the News Revenue Hub, one of the campaign partners. Prior to the Hub, I was in your shoes and ran the first NewsMatch campaign for Voice of San Diego in 2016. So I know how chaotic, but critical, this campaign is! 

I  can show you how to utilize the campaign toolkit in a way that makes sense for your organization and strategy. Feel free to ask specific questions or use me as a sounding board to bounce ideas off of. 

Topics I cover:
  • How to use the campaign toolkit
  • Reviewing campaign copy 
  • Campaign strategy (even after the campaign has started) 
  • Anything else, really! 

I'm a freelance consultant and project manager for fundraising campaigns. As the former Arts Outreach Lead at Kickstarter, I've worked with over 500 visual artists, museums, photographers, and civic organizers to raise funds online and get projects what they need to succeed.

I have a knack for helping others organize their time when their fundraising clocks are coming to a close. We can go over how best to use your time when you've only got a few weeks, or days, left.

Topics I cover:
  • "Last few days" strategy
  • Setting additional goals for your campaign
  • Outreach on social media vs your inbox

I am the Grants Administration Associate at The Miami Foundation, a NewsMatch partner. We’re your go-to for anything related to reporting and evaluation. Got questions about this year’s reporting requirements? Unsure if a donation is eligible? Not sure what a question means on the post-campaign evaluation? Need to change your payment info? I’m here to help!

Let me help you take the stress out of post-match reporting. Schedule a 1:1 with me and let’s talk.

Topics I cover:
  • Reviewing your match documentation
  • Ensuring donation eligibility
  • Preparing your evaluation responses
  • Payment processing

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