How NewsMatch works

Transforming how communities support the journalism that serves them

NewsMatch is a collective fundraising campaign that leverages the support of matching gifts to build a groundswell of individual support.

Since 2017, INN members have raised nearly $330 million in community support during the NewsMatch. This initiative is one of the most ambitious collaborative fundraising campaigns in the field of journalism, raising nearly $31 million in seed funding from a coalition of funders.

NewsMatch’s long-term vision is to ensure relevant and reliable news for every community across the U.S. by strengthening the financial sustainability of nonprofit news outlets that serve them

The program has four intersecting strategic priorities to achieve this goal.

Program Pillars

The program centers on a collaborative fundraising model that leverages the support of multiple community stakeholders to increase dollars raised by nonprofit newsrooms year over year.

  • matching gift program that sparks giving to nonprofit newsrooms and ultimately increase community impact
  • Learning resources and experiences that help newsrooms strengthen their fundraising capacities, expand their giving pipeline, and increase the dollars coming into their organization
  • public awareness campaign that engages new supporters and highlights the impact of quality journalism in their community to generate increased financial support ultimately