Webinar: Index and NewsMatch Reporting Prep Call (2021)

Both the NewsMatch Documentation Submission Form and the Index survey are due on Tuesday, January 25th. To help you prepare, the Index and NewsMatch teams are hosting this webinar. The Index team will review why Index reporting matters, changes to the Index survey this year, and frequently asked questions about the process. NewsMatch will go over the steps of the program's reporting process. We’ll also hold space for a Q&A.

Topics we covered

  • Overview of the reporting process
  • What the Index is and categories of questions (including this year's Index survey questions)
  • Run through of the NewsMatch Documentation Submission process
  • How to fill out the Match Cover Sheet for NewsMatch

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Q. What’s the overall timeline? 

  • Now: NewsMatch’s Documentation Submission is now open on Submittable. 
  • Tuesday, Jan. 4: Index survey launches. We’ll email our primary INN contact and top two NewsMatch contacts your outlet’s unique link for the Index survey. 
  • Tuesday, Jan. 25: Deadline for both the Index survey and the NewsMatch Documentation Submission. 

Q. Who takes the Index? 

  • A. All INN members take the Index! Including those participating in NewsMatch. Completing the Index is required in order to receive NewsMatch funds. 

Q. Who must complete the NewsMatch Documentation Submission? 

  • A. Newsrooms eligible to receive national match dollars and larger newsrooms eligible to receive partner funds, the Facebook Fundraiser Bonus or Local Match Bonus must complete the NewsMatch Documentation Submission in Submittable. 

Q. What's in the Index survey this year?

  • A. This year’s Index asks many of the core questions we ask every year (including revenue, expenses, staffing, audience size). This year, we also incorporated NewsMatch’s questions into the Index, and ask a few questions about your outlet’s impact and efforts to serve communities of color. See the draft INN Index Survey here.  

Recorded Date

December 8, 2021

  •  Emily Roseman, INN’s research director
  • Jesse Holcomb, lead Index data analyst
  •  Courtney Hurtt, INN’s chief of growth 
  • Sheryl Saturnino, The Miami Foundation’s grants administration associate
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