Match Caps, Partner Funds & Bonuses (2021)

NewsMatch’s new vision and strategy had made a huge impact on this year’s fundraising efforts. A number of funders have renewed their support with multi-year commitments that provide a kickstart to next year’s campaign and a solid foundation to strategically grow the number of geographic and interest-based funders that support the program.

The figures below reflect dollars that have been committed to date for NewsMatch 2021. There are pending grant proposals, many of which would be awarded as partner funds and bonus awards, that we are working quickly to close and are not listed below. We will provide newsrooms with ongoing updates via email and here as the figures change.

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Match Caps

Each year, the NewsMatch team calculates the campaign match cap based on the size of the national matching fund and the number of eligible organizations. 

Campaign match cap ($10,000)

The campaign match cap is the maximum amount that a news organization will receive from the national match fund. Match caps are calculated based on the size of the NewsMatch fund and the number of eligible organizations with operational budgets below $1 million.

The NewsMatch 2021 campaign match cap for eligible organizations is $10,000.

Individual donor match cap ($1,000)

The individual donor cap is the maximum amount that will be matched of a single individual donor between November 1 and December 31.

NewsMatch will match up to $1,000 made by an individual donor.

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Partner Matching Funds

Partner matching funds are additional matching grants awarded to a selection of newsrooms working in specific geographic regions or issue areas. The following NewsMatch 2021 partner funds have been committed:

  • Select newsrooms serving communities of color or led by person(s) of color

Funders may designate partner funds to any participating newsroom (regardless of your size). Selected newsrooms will be notified as early as October 11 through November 5 if they have received a partner fund award. 

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Goal-Based Bonuses

Bonus awards are issued to newsrooms that reach certain performance targets. These goals are designed to support sustainable fundraising practices and experimentation.

New Member Bonus

Available to
Newsrooms receiving national or partner matching funds.
New recurring monthly donations are eligible to be matched at their 12-month value up to $1,000 per donor. For example, a donor who begins a $10 monthly gift started in November or December will yield a match of $120 ($10 × 12 months).
What is considered a new recurring monthly donation? Someone who is making a recurring monthly gift to your organization for the very first time. Existing donors who have made a one-time gift in the past, but start a new recurring donation during the campaign qualify for this bonus.

Will you match monthly recurring donations that began before November 1? No. In these cases, we will only match this donor’s contributions that are made within the campaign period — most likely, their monthly donations charged in November and December.

Is the New Member Bonus in addition to the match cap payout? No, the New Member Bonus is not in addition to the match cap, it is within it. When reporting donations to be matched (up to the $10k national match cap or your specific partner fund match cap), you can list new recurring donations at their annual value.

Which organizations are eligible for the New Member Bonus? The new member bonus is only open to those newsrooms receiving national match funds or larger organizations receiving partner funds.  
Reporting requirements
In addition to submitting the Index survey, you will return a fund request submission and include a match coversheet and verification documents to support the gifts to be matched.
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