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Published September 27, 2021

In response to member feedback, INN will be sunsetting the use of GiveGab to power and on January 7, 2022. These websites will be replaced with a public-facing discovery website that will allow visitors to find and connect with INN’s entire network of member organizations.

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Summary of Changes

  • The new discovery site will be hosted at The site will go live in the weeks prior to the NewsMatch campaign launch.
  • Newsrooms are not required to use GiveGab to participate in NewsMatch. While GiveGab will still be operating for newsrooms that need a donor processing tool, INN will direct NewsMatch promotions to a campaign landing page on
  • You can make profile changes through the INN member portal. Members are now able to log in to the INN member portal to update profile information on Here's how.
  • You will now be able to link to an existing donation page. INN’s new discovery site will not process donations. Instead, you will be able to provide a URL that will redirect visitors to your existing donation page. 
  • You can also tap into NewsMatch resources to help set up a new donor system. We recommend scheduling a one-on-one session with our tech consultant to get started. By doing so, you can unlock free web development resources or implementation grants to make changes.
  • After January, you will still have access to historical donor data and active recurring gifts on GiveGab. For any organization that has used the platform in the past, admin accounts will still have access to historical giving data and active recurring gifts will continue to be processed. (FAQ: How do I access my organization’s donor data on GiveGab?)

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