What's new with NewsMatch?

Building off a record year in 2020, the NewsMatch team took a moment to reflect on the program’s challenges and opportunities. How might we evolve NewsMatch to strengthen long-term fundraising capabilities in the nonprofit news field?

Each survey entry, focus group, personal email, and one-on-one conversation with INN members about this topic have been invaluable to us — helping to identify the existing impact of NewsMatch and ways the program design can be strengthened.

As a result, here is a summary of key NewsMatch 2021 guidelines and offerings:

  • The distribution of national dollar-for-dollar match funds will be concentrated amongst newsrooms with operating expenses below $1 million in the prior calendar year (Jan. 1 to Dec. 31, 2020)
  • All INN members of any size remain eligible to receive goal-based bonus awards and partner funds
  • INN is working to develop and integrate resources to help newsrooms build their local match funds
  • Time-saving resources and messaging materials like the NewsMatch Campaign Toolkit will remain available to all newsroom participants
  • NewsMatch will be sunsetting the use of GiveGab after NewsMatch 2021 (currently newsmatch.org) and supporting organizations with resources to adopt or improve their own donor platforms this year

Webinar Recording: What's new with NewsMatch?

Learn more about why we made these changes, please view the recording of our past webinar with INN members below:

Date Recorded

June 3, 2021

  • Courtney Hurtt, NewsMatch

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