What is going on with GiveGab?

In response to newsroom feedback, INN will be sunsetting the use of GiveGab to power NewsMatch.org and NewsForGood.org on January 7, 2022. These websites will be replaced with a public-facing discovery website that will allow visitors to find and connect with INN’s entire network of member organizations.

INN’s new discovery site will not process donations. You will instead be able to provide a URL that will redirect visitors to an existing donation page. INN members will also be able to encourage visitors to connect with them on social media or subscribe to a newsletter.

GiveGab will remain active throughout the NewsMatch 2021 campaign. Newsrooms may continue to create or update their profiles to accept donations; however, it is not required. While GiveGab will still be in operation for newsrooms that need a donor processing tool, INN will direct future campaign promotions and press to a NewsMatch landing page on FindYourNews.org.

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