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We are integrating the NewsMatch 2020 reporting process with the INN Index 2020. This collaboration is designed to make the reporting process more efficient for INN members and provide NewsMatch partners with additional insights about the impact of the program year-round.

Your NewsMatch grant payment will be processed upon completion of your INN Index questionnaire.

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We highly recommend you view and prepare answers to the INN Index in advance of the submission deadline. Click here to view the list of this year’s INN Index questions.

Top five things you should know about INN and NewsMatch reporting this year 

Published: December 14, 2020
Hi all, 
Hope you had a good weekend! INN’s Index team here (Emily, Michele and Jesse). 
With the Index and NewsMatch reporting period right around the corner, we wanted to send you a quick review on the most important things to know. 
  1. Completing the Index is required to receive NewsMatch funds. This year, we are combining the NewsMatch and Index reporting timeline. We’re doing it this way to streamline our data collection and save you and your organization time overall. Reporting will still involve two surveys, but we’ve removed duplicative questions and synchronized our timing. 
  2. Here’s the timeline. Here are the dates to mark in your calendar: 
    1. December 29: NewsMatch’s reporting process is open to your organization’s Submittable account holder. Note: the NewsMatch report must be completed by your organization’s Submittable account holder, or the same person who submitted your NewsMatch application
    2. January 4: Index survey launches (INN will notify all of our primary contacts and NewsMatch contacts with your newsroom’s unique link to complete the Index) 
    3. January 24: Deadline for both NewsMatch reporting AND INN Index survey 
  3. Get ready. Identify one person in your organization to coordinate the completion of the Index. Start thinking now about the different people you’ll need to ask for different parts of the Index data (including revenue, audience, and operations data). Assign internal deadlines.
  4. Let us know if you want your responses from last year. If your organization took the survey last year, you can request your previous responses by emailing
  5. Check out our webinar for more. We held a webinar last week on the Index and NewsMatch process this upcoming year. See here for a recording of that webinar and here for a copy of our slides.
Thanks for reading, and thank you for participating in this enormous act of mutual aid. We’re so excited to have a combined data set that will help us win more support for nonprofit news.
If you have any questions about Index or NewsMatch reporting, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at
Emily, Michele & Jesse 

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