The campaign theme for NewsMatch 2020

This year's campaign theme was designed to capture the urgency and stakes of this year. It also positions nonprofit news as public-oriented, working alongside its readers to create trusted and valuable reporting. The message framework incorporated feedback from key stakeholders including a variety of INN Members. As you explore the toolkit, you will see themes and taglines woven into the materials. 

News for the People, With the People. 

Nonprofit news puts the power where it belongs, with the people.
Nonprofit news is unafraid and unapologetic in telling the stories about communities, issues, and solutions that might otherwise go untold. It empowers each of us with trusted information to make decisions in our own best interest. 
It’s accountable to the people and dependent on the people to survive. We exist to ignite change in people’s lives, and you can own a stake in it.
An investment in nonprofit news is an investment in you. Give now to double the impact of your donation.

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