Resources to secure additional matches (local matches)

Going beyond the NewsMatch campaign, any type of outreach you do with these high capacity donors will be invaluable to your organization in the long run. Cultivating relationships with major donors and local foundations takes time. NewsMatch is a great reason to begin a conversation. If you get a gift, great! But if you don’t this time around, don’t be discouraged. There’s a good chance that your efforts this year are helping to lay the foundation for a future gift.

Additionally, brainstorm how existing supporters or advocates who are well connected can help you make introductions to these potential funders. A personal introduction can help a lot. Make sure your biggest supporters and board members know about your participation in NewsMatch. Then ask them to join you in making asks or inviting their friends to learn more about how they can help make a difference.

A toolkit with resources for securing local matches has been a popular request, and we’re excited to share a curated list of resources. We want to equip your team with everything they need to help you make inroads with local funders, get meetings, make an ask, and close the deal.

Informational web page →

Informational page to share with potential funders about how NewsMatch works and the impact the program has had to date:

Talking Points →

Here are a few pointers to use when sharing NewsMatch with a potential funder. Distribute these to your board members, development staff, or anyone else who may be helping you secure the gift.

Explanier Video →

Share a link to the NewsMatch explainer video to quickly summarize how NewsMatch works:

Email Template →

When an email is appropriate, use it. Here is sample language for you or your board members to use with potential local match partners.

Formal Letter Template →

Sometimes an email is too informal for large asks, so here’s a formal letter to customize and print on your organization's letterhead.

Articles to Share

Reinforce your ask by sharing 1-2 links about the success NewsMatch has had.

Hear how others did it →
  • During our summer webinar event, we heard tips from The Honolulu Civil Beat, The GroundTruth Project, and Montana Free Press about how to triple support for your NewsMatch campaign by securing local matches (or an additional match funder). Check out the recording from this webinar to get some ideas on how you could approach potential funders.
  • East Lansing Info's Alice Dreger and Jodi Spicer have developed a creative and innovative way to maintain the momentum of their year-end campaign by building a community of "core donors" whose gifts are leveraged to increase the total campaign match fund. They' have generously put together a helpful guide to help others implement this plan in their own newsroom.
Messaging scripts →

Looking for ways to message an additional match to your audience? Here are a few scripts based on the type of additional match you have secured.

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