What is NewsMatch.org? (GiveGab)

NewsMatch.org is the central website where people can discover newsrooms that are participating in NewsMatch. For most organizations, this platform will be a channel to reach new donors who learn about NewsMatch from the national campaign while your organization’s giving page serves as the primary channel for your existing audience.

For individual donors, NewsMatch.org makes it easy for individuals to find and support nonprofit media organizations producing independent journalism. Use the search tool to find a nonprofit news organization in your community or one that is covering a topic that you care deeply about.

NewsMatch.org is built on the GiveGab platform. Designed for cause-based organizations, community foundations, higher education institutions, and public media outlets, GiveGab offers a complete suite of products and services including Giving Days, everyday giving, and year-round fundraising solutions. GiveGab provides a quick and easy way for fundraising professionals to raise money online.

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